Green Growth

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...ECN seeks to incorporate green initiatives into its programming to reduce flooding, pollution, and other negative environmental impacts that affect the health of communities. The program also serves to educate and provide resources to the community about green-related topics. Because of the issues surrounding water and flooding in Detroit, ECN has focused especially on green infrastructure to help mitigate stormwater overflow problems for residents on the eastside and inform residents over water access and billing issues. The Green Growth Program also participates in several groups and coalitions to voice the needs and concerns of lower eastside communities.

Hamilton Learning Lab

The Hamilton Learning Lab is a green infrastructure project being constructed across from Hamilton Academy in the Chandler Park neighborhood. The site will contain rain gardens, flower beds, and an outdoor classroom. The space will serve to educate students and the community about green infrastructure, offer a natural place for community members to visit, and absorb stormwater from off the street. The project was made possible through a grant from the Kresge Foundation and the site plan was created by InSite Design.

Don’t Touch My Water

In 2017, ECN hosted the Summit on Water. As a follow-up to that event, the organization created a short documentary showcasing the water issues affecting Detroit, including problems with access, billing, and flooding. The key figures interviewed in the documentary provide insight on the complex water situation the city faces and direction on how to move forward for a more equitable and sustainable future for the people of Detroit.

For further information or questions, please contact Richard Ackerman, ECN Green Growth Program Manager, at