Stakeholder Advisory Group

LEAP is governed by a 15-member Steering Committee comprised of partner organizations located in the LEAP district. 


Donna Givens
Eastside Community Network

Suzanne Cleage
Eastside Community Network

Orlando Bailey
Eastside Community Network

Tonja Bolden Stapleton
Sam Butler
Anika Goss Foster
Victoria Olivier
Darnell Adams
Erin Kelly
Esther Young
Barbara Martin
Jay Henderson
Donna McDuffie
Joyce Wells

Miguel Pope
Monique Holiday
Andrea Brown
Ron Omillian
Sarida Scott
Madhavi Reddy
Payton Heins
Erma Leaphart
Libby Levy
Professor Margaret Dewar


LEAP Planning Committee

Introduced in September 2016, the LEAP Planning Committee is charged with evaluating broad trends, development needs, and opportunities in the LEAP area.


LEAP Planning Committee Members Represent These Entities:

  • LEAP Steering Committee
  • District 4 and 5 City Council Offices
  • District 4 and 5 Manager Offices
  • Detroit Planning Department
  • Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
  • Detroit Land Bank Authority
  • Detroit Future City -  Implementation Office

Resident Outreach Corps

The Resident Outreach Corps (ROC) is a group of committed residents representing LEAP partner organizations who canvas the LEAP District.


Resident Outreach Corps goals

Raise Awareness
Ensure neighbors are informed and know how to actively engage in resolving issues impacting their quality of life.

Learn Resident Concerns
Actively listen to community concerns and make community leaders and decision-makers aware of resident needs.

Amplify Resident Voice
Ensure residents are engaged in decisions affecting their community.

Build Community Cohesion
Develop strong relationship with neighbors all across the LEAP District, ensuring our residents are informed, connected and empowered.

Develop Community Leaders
ROC participants gain leadership skills in organizing, surveying, and peer-to-peer education that further enhance their ability to act as catalysts for change in their neighborhoods.