Continuing the leap

In September 2016, our stakeholders decided to begin engaging in more targeted planning within the LEAP District.

Quadrant Level Planning

From October 2016 - January 2017, resident groups will meet within in four quadrants, including:

LEAP Southeast, bounded by Mack (n), Detroit River (s), Conner (w) and Alter (e)
LEAP Northeast, bounded by I-94 (n), Mack (s), Conner (w) and Alter/Outer Dr (e)
LEAP Southwest, bounded by Mack (n), Detroit River (s), Mt. Elliott (w), and Conner (e)
LEAP Northwest, bounded by I-94 (n), Mack (s), Mt. Elliott (w) and Conner (e)

These boundaries were drawn to roughly demarcate differing neighborhood characteristics, including development focus and opportunities, organizational areas of focus, and physical features. To the extent an organization's boundaries may cross those of the LEAP Quadrants, they may choose to participate in planning in more than one Quadrant area.

So as to promote localized planning and ownership, as well as to address needs within defined boundary areas, each quadrant will begin planning separately, using the framework established by the LEAP Planning Committee. ECN will support two Planning Leaders from the Resident Outreach Corps; these leaders will coordinate work in each quadrant area. To the extent no leader from a given quadrant is active and/or qualified to lead the planning effort, ECN will recruit leadership from within the Steering Committee. Each Planning Leader will be paid a stipend of $2,000 to coordinate activities and meetings. All meetings will take place within quadrant boundaries and be supported by one or more ECN staff members. 

LEAP Area Planning

From February 2017 - May 2017, representatives from each quadrant group will join a single planning effort that may allow for quadrant-specific breakout sessions, as needed. These large planning meetings will support sharing of quadrant specific plans, including opportunities for questions and answers; broader questions around design standards for residential, commercial and green development; efforts to integrate and support neighboring quadrant activities; and discussion of barriers and opportunities to market, redevelop, and strengthen Detroit's lower east side. 


For more information, and/or to get involved,  contact Orlando Bailey,  Director of Community Partnerships, at 313-331-3499 or at